Volume V.


It’s midweek! How has it been going for you? For me it’s been a lot of work, a lot of catching up, a lot of long days—whew! So in addition to Hairrible, I work a 9-5 and baaaaybeh, it is taxing to say the least. Luckily, I work from home majority of the time. BUT can I just say how ridiculously hard it is to slap on a wig two minutes after your boss asks you to turn your camera on?! Can I also point out how much harder it is to make it look less wiggy when your hot comb decides it no longer wants to be a "hot" comb? I mean—sheesh! I only had the small thumbnail of myself to go by, but I can only hope the blown up video version streaming on my coworkers screen wasn’t the coneheaded scarecrow I saw in the mirror. Dah-well, what’re you gonna do? I’ve had tall wigs, bulky wigs, crusty wigs, wiggy wigs, and now a cone-head wig. Somehow somewhere there’s a Hairrible bingo card ya girl hit all five squares. My prize? I’m sharing three ridiculous hair stories. You were going to get them anyway, but this time it came with my hair woes as a bonus. Enjoy, babes! Xx - Erica J.

About a few weeks ago I decided to wear my hair/wig up in a bun, and I was super careful about hiding the lace all around. I went out that day to run a bunch of errands. When I came home later and sat down, I scratched the back of my neck and heard something flapping. I felt something sticking out of my wig. It was the tag!! LORDT! I wonder what people were thinking when they stood behind me in line! I cut the tag off immediately!

– Just Hairrible

I teach high school students. On the second day of school, my kinky twist came out of my head and rolled down my sleeve onto the floor. Now I must mention that about 85% of my students are white and uneducated about black hair. I picked it up and popped it into my trash can by my desk. I look up and one of my students is raising her hand. When I called on her, she asked “Ummm does Black people’s hair usually just fall out like that? And didn’t that hurt?!” Another one blurted out, “why aren’t you worried?” I burst out laughing! I mean, tears were coming down my eyes. I had to spend the next 12 minutes explaining weaves, wigs, braids, sew-ins, and washing not happening every day.  Just Hairrible

I had clip-ins & me and hubby took our dogs to the beach. We were walking around & this untrained mutt kept trying to attack my Chihuahua. So I leaned down to pick her up and one of my clip-ins flew into the air and onto the sand. The girl who owned the other dog went to pick it up for me until she noticed what it was. She backed away from that thing so fast! 😩 Just Hairrible

That’s it for the week – three submissions that only goes to show I am not the only one dealing with ratchet hair days!

If you find yourself in that number, then you should definitely share the misfortune 🥹 . You’ll be featured here and everything! Submit your Hairrible® tale here