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The Hairrible Truth


"I've never had well-behaved, manageable hair. I have so many blackmail pictures from back in the day, it's unreal! Child. Bad hair days didn't exist. I had a bad hair life..."

So Why Hairrible?

Creator of Hairrible, Erica J
Creator, Erica J

Trust me, there have been plenty of days where I have gone to bed knowing that the style I set overnight would look fabulous. Then I woke up. I’m sure that I am not the only one who’s had a bad hair day, or two–or ten. I want to ensure that you and I never have to feel alone–especially when the hair on our heads takes on a life of its own. Honestly, we all have bad hair days. Be it God-given or purchased, we have days where our hair just won’t behave–and thus, hairrible.com was born. At Hairrible, every day is a bad hair day.

So… what exactly is Hairrible?

Hairrible:(adj.)Hair + Horrible. Hair that causes or is likely to cause horror, that can only be fixed by a professional, loads of product, or covering the head completely*

Hairrible is when you look in the mirror and realize that only a straight razor can fix the problem. Hairrible is when your stylist overpromises on the style you want, and you leave the shop looking like all the Stooges. Most importantly, Hairrible is an online community serving everyone that wishes to exchange hilariously unfortunate hair experiences. If you find yourself in that number, we encourage you to submit your Hairrible Tale, cringe-worthy pics/vids, or simply check out the misfortune of others just like you. Soon enough, the initial shock and embarrassment of your mane mishap will wear off and you’ll be laughing along with the rest of us. Stay Hairrible, babes.


*Hairrible’s own definition