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Hey Babes!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve made it to the page, I can only assume you’re a loyal fan of @hairrible_ on Instagram. I like that. Welcome!

Soooo I know you probably get a ton of emails spamming your inbox already, right? So what’s one more?

Totally kidding. Hairrible promises not to spam, but instead deliver a cute weekly newsletter full of everything you love about Hairrible and more! 

We are scouring the inter webs for the most thought provoking articles, blog posts, product features, and style trends! Annnnnd we’re still keeping the funny with a few embarrassing tales sprinkled here and there. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, subscribe today for the Hairrible Hairlines! A weekly newsletter of hair-raising hilarity.


Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

Erica J.
Erica J.https://www.hairrible.com
Creator of Hairrible, Erica J. is one bad hair day away from shaving it bald. When she's not wrestling the beast that is her hair, she enjoys writing/creating, binge-watching Netflix originals and playing with her toy poodle, Mr. Mojo : )


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