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Ok, so one of the most horrible things for me is to smell bad or funny, and on top of that, being a women is not just about good hygiene, but about smelling the best. I used to flat iron my hair and didn’t wash it for a while because I got it done 2 times a month and didn’t yet know how to do it on my own (my mom didn’t like this, but at 13 she let me do what I wanted with my hair). Because of that, my hair didn’t smell like perfection and it got sweaty like anyone’s hair. This guy had been crushing on me for weeks in class, smiling at me, saying, “Hi” and telling people how pretty he thought I was.
I was uninterested, yet flattered, and liked him as a friend anyway. One day, behind my back in biology, he came and sniffed my hair(my scalp more like, ha-ha) and just burst out “Damn your hair is stinky!” I just about died because I knew he was right! I just gave him this weird look and asked him what he was doing smelling my hair like a weirdo. I played it off with the help of my friend, but inside I was burning up. My friend and I never talked about it and when I got home, I begged my mom to take me to the salon, but there was no time. I dreaded wearing my hair curly, even for one day at age 13. It was also why I washed and flat-ironed it so much during high school (killed my ends and eventually the length). So one of the best satisfactions I get to this day of being curly is my hair never stinks. Whew! I had to get that horrifying middle school story off my chest!
Oh yeah, the boy always treated me politely but it took him a while to resume his previous courting tactics 🙂 Just Hairrible

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