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I remember when I was about twelve I had a crush on this boy in my apartment complex, and we were at the pool. I was kinda trying to show off, so I jumped in the pool and my wig fell off!! I tried so hard to put it back on straight before I went back up to the surface, but I couldn’t hold my breath anymore. I knew that he was wondering what I was doing for so long under the water. I quickly went up to take a breath, my wig still not on straight(it probably looked like a big rat on my bald head! LOL) I couldn’t put it back on, so I just went to the corner of the pool and straightened myself up. The boy I liked was probably kinda surprised, but he was still nice to me. Just Hairrible

User: Sgomez33
As Seen on Heralopecia

Original image via Constructive Comedy on YouTube

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Creator of Hairrible, Erica J. is one bad hair day away from shaving it bald. When she’s not wrestling the beast that is her hair, she enjoys writing/creating, binge-watching Netflix originals and playing with her toy poodle, Mr. Mojo : )


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