What’s up, Hairbabes? Let me be the first to introduce you to our newest feature: Hairribliss Hairbabes – Where Hairrible (that’s us) sits down with an amazing beauty (that’s totally you) to chat about your gorgeous hair, and even your most embarrassing hair moment. Kicking it off this week, Hairbabe Aleeisha (super fab and ultra-stylish by the way) was gracious enough to spare a moment to talk hair!

H: What was your inspiration for this look?

Aleeisha: My inspiration for this look was to re-purpose a dying hairstyle. They were originally 20 inches and YouTube inspired me to cut the in a bob. So I gave it a shot! 🙂

H:What is your everyday/go-to style?

I am in love with crochet hair! It gives so much versatility and flair! I like flair! lol

H:Tell me your most embarrassing hair moment

Sooo I made a wig but I didn’t finish the top at all. I just threw on a hat and didn’t even tame my leave out.. The wind was rather ” tornado-ish” that day. So of course it flew away like a bird and I chased it. The chase ended with gravity pulling me to the ground while still trying to cover my head at the same damn time. I put my hat on and strutted away on my imaginary cat walk!

And there you have it, loves! Aleeisha in all her crocheted glory! Wanna be the next featured hairbabe? Send us a message here

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Creator of Hairrible, Erica J. is one bad hair day away from shaving it bald. When she’s not wrestling the beast that is her hair, she enjoys writing/creating, binge-watching Netflix originals and playing with her toy poodle, Mr. Mojo : )


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