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am a single, professional who obsesses about my hair. I’ve never had well-behaved, easily maintainable Hair. I have old pictures that I would sue my mother for if she EVER released them into the wrong hands. Child. Bad hair days didn’t exist. I had a bad hair life!

So why Hairrible?

Trust me, there have been plenty of days where I have gone to bed knowing that I would wake up FAB, only to arise looking like a deranged hag. Ugh. I’m sure I am not the only one whose had a bad hair day, or two…or ten. So, I wanted to ensure that you and I never have to feel alone–especially when the hair on our heads takes on a life of its own.

Honestly, we all have bad hair days. Be it God given or purchased, we have days where our hair just won’t behave–and thus, this site was born. At Hairrible, every day is a bad hair day.

So… what exactly is hairrble, you say?

Hairrible: (adj.) Hair + Horrible. Hair that causes or is likely to cause horror, that can only be fixed by a professional, loads of product, or covering the head completely.

Hairrible is when you look in the mirror and realize that only a straight razor can fix the abomination spewing from the top of your head. Hairrible is when your barber only half looks at a magazine cutout and you leave the shop looking like all three stooges. But, mostly it’s an online community serving ALL that wish to share and exchange bad hair day stories

Hairrible is an online community serving ALL that wish to share and exchange bad hair day stories

Submit your Hairrible Tale today, or check out a few others while browsing the site. But hey, we’re not all about bad hair; check out Hairribliss, a gallery showcasing gorgeous locks on their best behavior. If you feel that you’re having a great hair day, send us a pic  and we’ll put you and that heavenly head of yours on display.

When you’ve explored all the good and the bad, click on over to the blog for tips, tricks, tutorials, and write-ups on the hottest hair and beauty trends of the season. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to check out our shop (Coming Soon) for stylishly clever tees and dapper lids to help you out the next time you’re feeling a little Hairrible.


hugs and kisses from hairrible to yousigned hairrible creator, Erica J,